Friday, June 17, 2011

hug a laptop

A while ago I posted about my laptop screen saga and I have since bought a nice new macbook air.  Of course I want to protect this one, so I used some of my surrounding bits n pieces to keep it safe.
I used a jumper that I had hanging about in the studio which I had never worn much.  I experimented with how the laptop might interact with parts of the jumper.  I was intending to cut the jumper into parts to make a layered cover, but ended up folding and wrapping to completely encase the laptop with layers of the jumper.  It is held in place by strategic and minimal stitching which could easily be removed to give the jumper back its life as a human garment.  The performativity of the jumper is played out as the sleeves wrap around and our human centered interpretation of the garment gives the perception of holding, hugging, nurturing.

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